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This pack includes not 1 but 5 diferent face designs.

Personally illustrated and designed by Isabelle De Vries, these innovative face charts have been created to give artists the creative control they desire. By intentionally leaving the edges of the eyes and lips open this allows the artist to easily change the shape and direction by making them longer, shorter, rounder, wider … the choice is yours! All of the details on the face have been made as light as possible so they can easily be changed or used as a guide. However, for those new to face charts or not as confident these face charts have been illustrated with enough detail to easily create a realistic face chart.

These face charts have been printed on speciality art paper making them suitable for nearly any medium. This means you can use creams, powders, pencils, paints it’s up to you! Read below for recommended tools and tips on creating realistic face charts.


  • 5 diferent face designs
  • 3 copies of each face
  • A total of 15 face charts
  • Printed on high quality art paper
  • List of recomended tools
  • Pro tips for realistic face charts