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I don’t know if your all ready for this…

Love the look of face tape you see on Instagram and wish it was actually invisible and you could wear it out?

Well now with Invisible Lift you can!!!

Unlike regular face tape that is applied to your face and is visible, Invisible Lift is discreetly hidden in your hair.

You can even wear invisible lift with your hair up!

1- Simply section your hair at the point your wanting to lift, clip the top half up and out the way.

2- adjust the strap so it will reach from one side of your head to the other.

3- simply slide the clip in front your hair line on both sides and press shut.

4- adjust the strap to your desired tension.

5- let your hair down to cover your Invisible Lift and style how every you want!

We recommend choosing a colour that matches your root colour for best results, clip below your temple to lift your jowls and under eye or clip above your temples to lift your eye and brows!

Not recommend for everyday use**

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