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  • Powder puff - for blending your base with powders.

  • Selection of makeup brushes- Remember the denser the brush the heaver the product placement. The fluffier the brush the softer your product placement.

  • Powder Foundation/Pressed powder- quick and easy to blend, mistakes can easily be erased.

  • Cream concealers – great for creating depth and detail on your base but be careful mistakes can’t be erased.

  • Eyeshadows – these can be used for sculpting your face as well as on the eye area.

  • Coloured Creams/Pencils – eyeliners, cream pencils or coloured cream palettes are great to use on the eye area before applying eyeshadow for that extra depth and definition.

  • Eraser/Eraser Pencils – Erasers are great for cleaning up mistakes when using powder or adding a highlight by removing an area of product. You can use an eraser to clean around the edge of your face if not using a stencil. An eraser pencil is great for adding small highlights around the nose and eyes.


  • Coloured pencils – Great for adding extra details.

  •  White Paint Pen – Great for creating highlights on the lips and eyes, especially if you have used creams.

  • Black Pen – use a fine tip pen on a brush tip pen for creating liner and lashes.

  • Tracing Paper (vellum) – You can use Vellum to create your own stencils, eg. make a stencil of your face so when blending powders the outside of your face chart stays clean

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